By. Alex Núñez. Orlando Fl. Australian Bantamweight Jason “the smooth one” Moloney, exclusively talks to fdbplus.com about his upcoming fight with Puerto Rican IBF World Champion Emmanuel “Manny” Rodriguez at the CFE Arena in Orlando Florida this October 20th.

Moloney Feels great after an intense workout and stated he feels exceptional and ready to go fight for the title. “Becoming a World Champion is my dream” Moloney stated. In regards to Manny Rodriguez, Moloney knows how tough he is and has studied him in detail and put a great plan together with his team and great preparation on getting his hand raised Oct 20th. “It will be well worth it” Moloney said of all his hard work and preparation for this fight.

Considering there is a 14-hour difference from his hometown, Moloney and his team has arrived 3 weeks in advance before the fight to let him adjust to the time difference and done all they could giving him the best chance to win this fight.

When asked about if he got the win Oct 20th what would he do next? Moloney simply replied “My focus right now is 100 percent on Manny Rodriguez and winning this fight “ Moloney is very excited to fight in Orlando knowing there is a large Puerto Rican and Latino fan base and feels he will get great support because he’s planning on giving them a great fight and doesn’t want the fans to miss it.

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